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clog dance

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  • 1A dance performed in clogs with rhythmic beating of the feet, especially as a traditional dance in Ireland, Scotland, and the North of England.

    ‘When making this one I tried to incorporate elements that I hadn't used before, such as the northern element of the dances: the clog dance tunes, and of course the brass.’
    • ‘Although very ragged, and very under rehearsed, the audience took them to their hearts, especially during the clog dance.’
    • ‘This Brazilian team, however, has about as much relevance to the samba as a clog dance.’
    • ‘They are also invited to join a clog dance or take some time to paint the clogs at a workshop.’
    1. 1.1A North American country tap dance performed in clogs with rhythmic beating of the feet.
      ‘The clog dance is continually in a state of change and improvisation such that today it is performed not only to country and bluegrass music but also to pop.’
      • ‘Trace the history of this uniquely American form from old-time Appalachian music to Western Swing and Bluegrass, topped with a country clog dance.’


clog dance

/kläɡ dans/ /klɑɡ dæns/