Definition of clonality in English:


Pronunciation /klōˈnalədē/ /kloʊˈnælədi/


  • The fact or condition of being genetically identical, as to a parent, sibling, or other biological source.

    ‘the lack of genetic diversity may be a combination of both isolation and clonality’
    • ‘The fourth case failed to demonstrate clonality by flow cytometry and PCR owing to a lack of viable cells and lack of amplification, respectively.’
    • ‘Before discussing this topic, it is worth pointing out again that clonality, with or without fission, is a pervasive aspect of cnidarian life cycles.’
    • ‘Finally, we must address the fact that Greenbriar, a site that has not yet been infected by disease, exhibits some limited amount of clonality.’
    • ‘Thus, case 22 did not show clonality by either light-chain analysis or the expression pattern of heavy chains.’
    • ‘While the three proximate hypotheses (competition, stress, and energetics) differ, they are not mutually exclusive and all associate clonality with the high shore.’
    • ‘All gene regions deviated significantly from clonality, suggesting that recombination considerably shaped the sequence data in each gene.’
    • ‘These observations imply that the genetic pathways required for clonality are retained in aclonal species.’
    • ‘Of all sites sampled, the Chimneys had the lowest PD value, indicating the highest proportion of clonality within a population.’
    • ‘Immunoglobulin light-chain clonality was observed in 9 cases.’
    • ‘Therefore, disturbance (of various types) continues to be a valid explanation for increased clonality in this long-lived woody species.’
    • ‘After 2 days, individual round colonies were picked, streaked on fresh nutrient agar plates to assure clonality, and grown for 2 days.’
    • ‘In 1 of the 12 cases, clonality was not clearly defined.’
    • ‘However, there may be occasional cases of florid FH in which the clonality of the germinal center B cells is indeterminate by FCI.’
    • ‘The patient and environmental strains of V. cholerae were further analyzed for clonality by southern hybridization using the rRNA probe.’
    • ‘Analysis of EBV genomes is a useful adjunct to immunoglobulin gene analysis in assessing clonality of these processes.’
    • ‘Does clonality precede polyploidy or the other way around?’
    • ‘The EBV genome and clonality were detected by Southern blot and PCR assay.’
    • ‘Recent evidence that has led to determination of the cell of origin and the role of clonality in Hodgkin lymphoma is also reviewed.’
    • ‘Molecular determination of the immunoglobulin heavy-chain gene status did not reveal clonality.’
    • ‘However, the clonality of human mtDNA has recently been questioned and keenly debated.’