Definition of close-fought in English:


(also closely fought)

Pronunciation /ˌklōsˈfôt/ /ˌkloʊsˈfɔt/


  • Denoting or relating to a contest between evenly matched opponents that is won by only a small margin.

    ‘Gunston's three first-half goals were crucial in a close-fought match’
    • ‘a close-fought victory’
    • ‘the closely fought presidential election’
    • ‘Glamorgan defeated Worcestershire in a close-fought game at New Road.’
    • ‘That will be the next big battle in a close-fought war.’
    • ‘Games were of their usual competitive and close-fought nature.’
    • ‘Opposition leaders called off a mass protest yesterday after the chief justice promised to investigate their charges of vote-rigging in close-fought presidential elections.’
    • ‘The Naval squadron's football and volleyball teams were put to the test in close-fought games.’
    • ‘All four matches were close-fought and Cunningham believes there is little between the sides.’
    • ‘Despite Driscoll's early goal, the first half was a closely fought encounter.’
    • ‘This was a closely fought game between two very well matched sides.’
    • ‘The final score did not do justice to what was such a closely fought struggle that only became certain in the final 10 minutes of the encounter.’
    • ‘In the new car market, sales figures show a closely fought battle for the top slot.’
    • ‘The first set was closely fought with both teams going neck-and-neck in points.’