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(also closely knit)
  • (of a group of people) united or bound together by strong relationships and common interests.

    ‘a close-knit community’
    • ‘Meals together are crucial to the building of a close-knit and joyful community.’
    • ‘You no longer have close-knit mining or ship-building communities.’
    • ‘It was little wonder the advert quickened pulses among members of Edinburgh's close-knit financial community.’
    • ‘Friends and work colleagues in the close-knit community of Wentworth have already been a huge comfort, he said.’
    • ‘Both were well known in this close-knit community and deepest sympathy is extended to their families.’
    • ‘We did not have a big, extended family or a close-knit community to draw on, and I have financed everything myself.’
    • ‘We, like many others, want to spend a quiet and happy retirement in Lee, it is such a close-knit, safe community.’
    • ‘For this close-knit, dependent community it was a painful and terrifying experience.’
    • ‘It is a small community, a close-knit community and crimes of this nature are very, very rare.’
    • ‘One of the school's strengths is its place at the centre of a close-knit village community.’
    • ‘Anna has relatives scattered all over Italy and recreates the intimacy of a close-knit family life in her work.’
    • ‘He also had a spell at Reading but only really felt happy when he was back in the bosom of his close-knit family and friends.’
    • ‘There are only eight teaching staff, and about 20 people work here all together, so it is a close-knit team.’
    • ‘We were a close-knit team that was fortunate enough to play together for several years.’
    • ‘Her recollection of those early years was of a close-knit happy family that played games together.’
    • ‘Brittany began the year by finding out which of her close-knit group of friends shared her classes.’
    • ‘There have certainly been persistent rumours of a deep split between a close-knit group of young players and the older squad members.’
    • ‘The charity is run by a friendly and close-knit team which aims to promote, protect and improve carers' services in Croydon.’
    • ‘As humans, we must fit into a close-knit social system to succeed, yet our primary aim is still to look out for ourselves above all others.’
    • ‘It would be difficult to find a more close-knit team than ours.’
    • ‘The law enforcement community, like the armed forces, has always been very close-knit.’
    intimate, dear, bosom



/ˌklōsˈnit/ /ˌkloʊsˈnɪt/