Definition of close call in English:

close call

Pronunciation /ˌklōs ˈkôl/ /ˌkloʊs ˈkɔl/


  • A narrow escape from danger or disaster.

    ‘the team had a close call in the preliminary group games’
    • ‘I had another close call though, because they grabbed a window seat between me and the door.’
    • ‘The traction from a good heel brake can help you escape many high-speed close calls.’
    • ‘Integral to those efforts is the implementation of a nonpunitive reporting system for errors and near misses or close calls.’
    • ‘The ride to school was packed with a lot of close calls and near misses.’
    • ‘Another close call with catastrophe narrowly averted by EFF vigilance, we're sure.’
    • ‘Though she'd had some close calls, her life had never truly been in danger.’
    • ‘Though there have been skirmishes and close calls, there was no immediate danger.’
    • ‘Nobody had been killed, despite a few close calls.’
    • ‘While snowboarding alone, Koch had several very close calls.’
    • ‘City cyclists all have first- or second-hand stories to tell about accidents, close calls, car doors and other perils of urban cycling.’
    • ‘Following a couple of close calls and arrests after the revolution, I left Iran in 1983 and immigrated to Canada at 16 and on my own.’
    • ‘That was enough to win the match as Tideway could not respond in the second half despite some close calls.’
    • ‘None of the actors suffered more than bruises and scrapes, but there were plenty of close calls; a stuntman broke his knee.’
    • ‘There were other close calls that I can remember myself.’
    • ‘‘He has had some close calls with gunmen holding up convoys,’ he said.’
    • ‘‘Leeds has had two close calls in the last two years and there's a need to look long and hard at flood defences in the city,’ he warned.’
    • ‘Despite some close calls, no deaths or serious injuries are reported.’
    • ‘Has he ever had any uncomfortably close calls in his career?’
    • ‘But these close calls and first-ever troubles are not just a problem for the foreigners and Colombians who put their lives at risk.’
    • ‘I, too, find myself in countless close calls when someone breaks a stop sign, red light, or fails to yield the right of way.’