Definition of close harmony in English:

close harmony

Pronunciation /ˌklōs ˈhärmənē/ /ˌkloʊs ˈhɑrməni/


  • Harmony in which the notes of the chord are close together, typically in vocal music.

    ‘the chorus was sung in close harmony’
    • ‘Michael will be joined on stage by his sisters, cousin, and friends who will complement his poetry with some popular songs and close harmony singing.’
    • ‘I particularly like the two-way lament of ‘The Letters’; and ‘Nightingale’ has some fantastic close harmony singing.’
    • ‘They developed a unique style of close harmony with a distinctive sound and soon became very popular on the radio and in concerts in Southern California.’
    • ‘The close harmony left you marvelling whether it was a cappella or with piano accompaniment, plus drums and bass.’
    • ‘The Everly Brothers brought the close harmony singing of the recorded country tradition into popular music.’