Definition of close out in English:

close out

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phrasal verb

North American
  • close something out, close out somethingBring something to an end.

    ‘Steve tried to close out the conversation’
    • ‘Four times, three in the second half, Kerry led by five points and playing with an appreciable wind should really have closed the game out.’
    • ‘I'm now reviewing all the open items on my to-do list at work and closing things out.’
    • ‘And the odd part is she never calls the police after this and in fact arranges to meet with him again the next day to sort of close this relationship out.’
    • ‘Project Managers make extra efforts in codifying the mistakes made and corrective steps taken before any project is closed out.’
    • ‘Earl has really done a great job closing games out for us because of how well he shoots the ball and finishes shots for us.’
    • ‘I always look forward to closing activities out, getting them finished.’
    • ‘The lads just aren't experienced at closing games out so it's my job to work on that.’
    • ‘Thus, users have a total system that works from start to finish to automate the entire process from bidding the job to building the job to closing the job out.’
    • ‘Last year we tended to sit back instead of closing the game out and getting the bonus.’
    • ‘Track seven closes the album out with a beautiful, low-key ambient piece.’