Definition of close-packed in English:



  • Arranged or situated very close together.

    ‘close-packed houses’
    • ‘a solid column of close-packed soldiers’
    • ‘I'm waiting for a decent "set", a close-packed group of waves.’
    • ‘Many young people have also abandoned bicycles and prefer elbowing each other in close-packed buses or subway carriages.’
    • ‘British Columbia's salmon farmers say lice hasn't been a problem, but local fishermen believe the close-packed Atlantic salmon act as disease and lice hothouses.’
    • ‘See, if I give you lump of quartz or a lump of iron it's close-packed, no spaces between those atoms.’
    • ‘"The close-packed plan that made Boston a walkable gem of a city is assaulted by today's developers."’
    • ‘It is a picturesque leafy enclave threaded by narrow cobbled streets and an ancient tramway, with close-packed houses, early nineteenth-century mansions and walled gardens.’
    • ‘Migne's printers set older editions in close-packed, double-columned reprints from stereotypes on steam-driven presses.’
    • ‘One of the Caltech team's two new chips contains a close-packed array of 1,000 tiny chambers that can each hold 250 trillionths of a liter of fluid.’
    • ‘Particularly at night, cities are usually warmer than their rural surroundings, because of heat stored in bricks and concrete and trapped between close-packed buildings - the so-called urban heat island effect.’
    • ‘At temperatures below 417 degrees Celsius cobalt exhibits a hexagonal close-packed structure.’