Definition of close shave in English:

close shave

Pronunciation /ˌklōs ˈSHāv/ /ˌkloʊs ˈʃeɪv/


  • 1A shave in which the hair is cut very short.

    ‘Secondly, it softens the hair, offering a close shave.’
    • ‘If good grooming is more his game, then the store has a stylish chrome shaving rack complete with everything he needs for a close shave: gel, razor, cloth and mirror.’
    • ‘It has triple blades for an extra close shave and built-in shaving solid for extra softness.’
    • ‘She lathered up for a luxuriously close shave for her legs.’
    • ‘Meals which cook in minutes, a close shave without the palaver of lather, and clothes and dishes which wash and dry themselves without the need to get your hands wet - all have been made possible by the arrival of electricity into the home.’
    • ‘I don't know what other shaving bloggers think, but I've found that simply changing the blade on my razor frequently is the easiest route to getting a close shave.’
    • ‘Sid decided that this dressing up thing was a nice change of pace, his newly bought clothes and close shave causing women to actually give him a second look as they passed.’
    • ‘With a properly lubricated face and a clean blade, you can get a remarkably close shave without all the facial contortions and skin pulling.’
    • ‘It is simple things like getting a really close shave in the mornings that make all the difference.’
  • 2informal A narrow escape from danger or disaster.

    • ‘There was a close shave when I jumped from the jet ski as there was nowhere to put any safety rigs.’
    • ‘They are laughing about it now but it will be different when it sinks in and they realise what a close shave they have had.’
    • ‘There have certainly been a number of fire rescues before this period and a few close shaves since.’
    • ‘It's a miracle I didn't collide with another vehicle or cause a pile-up because I had lots of close shaves with lorries and cars.’
    • ‘He had a number of close shaves at the hands of the elements.’
    • ‘I nodded and brushed my hair back, trying to calm down after the close shave.’
    • ‘This close shave appeared to make the sheriff far more cautious in his approach.’
    • ‘You have had a very close shave here and I hope you realise that this bad behaviour will not be tolerated.’