Definition of close to the mark in English:

close to the mark


(also near the mark)
  • Almost accurate.

    ‘according to him, $10 billion is closer to the mark’
    • ‘to say he was their legal adviser would be nearer the mark’
    • ‘Mr Sheridan said claims indicate their initial estimates that close to £4m will be required to compensate investors will be very close to the mark.’
    • ‘Although descriptions of Clarke as the ‘next Waugh’ appeared trite, they are starting to look eerily close to the mark.’
    • ‘Caddell is not alone among the anti-Bush who acknowledge that some Bush attacks are uncomfortably close to the mark.’
    • ‘The anti-Communist series is still pretty close to the mark.’
    • ‘Well, today's New York Times adds some new information that makes it look like Clinton was pretty close to the mark.’
    • ‘My Landlord was fine about it surprisingly - which makes me think my earlier suspicion of him wanting us all out anyhow is close to the mark.’
    • ‘This is an overly simplified explanation, but very close to the mark nonetheless.’
    • ‘What these numbskulls in power call Christianity doesn't even come close to the mark.’
    • ‘Even allowing for a little poetic license, this statement is perhaps close to the mark.’
    • ‘That is putting it pretty strongly, and there are admirable exceptions, but it is embarrassingly close to the mark.’