Definition of close up in English:

close up

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  • Very near.

    ‘close up she was no less pretty’
    • ‘Close up he was overpoweringly handsome, with hazel to brown eyes and tousled sand coloured hair slightly wet from a shower.’
    • ‘Parties of sightseers would be ferried out to sail round the hulks and see the prisons close up.’
    • ‘A Japanese tourist is photographing it enthusiastically, first from close up then at a distance.’
    • ‘Close up, he could see her face clearly.’
    • ‘On the web site the hotel looks elegant, and close up it matches that impression very nicely.’
    • ‘Flowers are colorful and can make beautiful subjects when you're close up and they fill the frame.’
    • ‘One stone, viewed close up, looks like a skull, while another opens into a deep fossil-lined cavern.’

phrasal verb

  • 1(of an opening) grow smaller or become blocked by something.

    ‘she felt her throat close up’
    • ‘His throat closed up, his eyes filled with tears, his face flushed with anger and sorrow mixed.’
    • ‘He felt his throat close up, his heart stop, gooseflesh creep up every inch of his skin.’
    • ‘I choked on my own tears, and my throat closed up.’
    • ‘She couldn't breathe; her throat was closing up.’
    • ‘I felt my throat closing up, my palms getting sweaty.’
    • ‘My throat was closing up, and my heart thudded loudly in my chest.’
    • ‘Her throat was closing up, she could not swallow or breathe, and within five minutes she had lost consciousness.’
    • ‘She could feel her throat closing up and knew she was going to start crying any moment.’
    • ‘My throat began to close up as I struggled not to break down in tears.’
    • ‘If the hole closes up, the sinus can potentially become infected and fill up with pus again.’
    1. 1.1(of a person's face) become blank and emotionless or hostile.
      ‘he didn't like her laughter and his face closed up angrily’
      • ‘His face closed up and he looked away from her, towards the forest.’
      • ‘She breaks off, her face closing up, her eyes darting away.’
      • ‘Peter turned away from him, his expression closing up.’