Definition of close with in English:

close with

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phrasal verb

  • close with someone or somethingCome near, especially so as to engage with an enemy force.

    ‘their only hope was to close with the enemy’
    • ‘Ground forces have the ability to render a decisive outcome by closing with and destroying enemy forces.’
    • ‘But they have also been unsuccessful in closing with the enemy.’
    • ‘In 1665, as the English fleet closed with the enemy, two of his shipmates had premonitions of death.’
    • ‘However, just as a leader that has never been in combat must train his unit to shoot, move, and communicate in battle, he must also train them to deal with the repercussions they will feel after closing with and destroying the enemy.’
    • ‘Maintaining weapons standoff and preventing enemy infantry from closing with the defending unit can overcome a lack of infantry support.’
    • ‘Fortunately, combat arms units have means available to replicate and introduce men to the fear, anxiety, and adrenaline associated with closing with and destroying the enemy.’
    • ‘Troops have traditionally been encouraged to roar when closing with the enemy, particularly to increase shock when springing an ambush.’
    • ‘How easy would it be for an infantryman to lose that focus and revert to his mindset of closing with and destroying the enemy?’
    • ‘In order to gain time, closing with the enemy should proceed at maximum speed.’
    • ‘The only answer is to repackage the forces we currently have into a joint force that is capable of strategic maneuver, engaging the enemy from land, air and sea, and closing with and destroying him.’