Definition of closed couplet in English:

closed couplet


  • A rhyming couplet with end-stopped lines that is logically or grammatically complete, as "Instruct the planets in what orbs to run, / Correct old Time, and regulate the Sun".

    ‘The tone ranges from the lyrical to the dissonant, the form from closed couplet to strong, clean free verse.’
    • ‘The English ghazal is a poem consisting of unrhymed closed couplets written in any meter.’
    • ‘Three common types of couplets are: a closed couplet, an open couplet, and a heroic couplet.’
    • ‘The couplets here are mainly closed couplets, in that, for the most part, each couplet ends with a pause and is a unit of sense in itself.’
    • ‘Each of the first two couplets in the Dryden passage contains a complete unit of thought; such couplets are called closed couplets.’
    • ‘The Shakespearean Sonnet consists of 14-lines that are divided into three four-line sections (each called a quatrain), and a concluding section of just two lines: a rhyming or closed couplet.’