Definition of closet drama in English:

closet drama


(also closet play)
  • A play to be read rather than acted.

    ‘After the ambitious Radio Days, Allen decided to attempt a closet drama in a style reminiscent of Ibsen.’
    • ‘Written in a language which was not yet spoken, they were essentially closet dramas.’
    • ‘She composed several verse translations and is recognized as author of the closet drama The Tragedie of Mariam, ascribed to ‘E.C. ’, the first known play in English by a woman.’
    • ‘Cotter's blank verse four-act play Caleb, the Degenerate is essentially closet drama, mainly of historical interest, as is the case with his other plays.’
    • ‘In Browning's closet drama Pippa Passes, a young girl from the silk mills of Asolo hopes to improve everyone she encounters on her annual holiday.’


closet drama

/ˈkläzət ˈdrämə/ /ˈklɑzət ˈdrɑmə/