Definition of closing price in English:

closing price


  • The price of a security at the end of the day's business in a financial market.

    ‘We calculated returns using both bid prices and closing prices and found only minor difference in our results.’
    • ‘You get to buy those international funds at outdated prices because they are priced at their home market's closing prices.’
    • ‘The prices used to calculate the pivot point are the previous period's high, low and closing prices for a security.’
    • ‘A secondary share offering is usually priced at the closing price of the shares on a predefined day at the end of the offer period.’
    • ‘Opening prices are plotted in yellow and closing prices for the period are plotted in cyan.’
    • ‘Average share price is the simple average of the daily closing price for the year.’
    • ‘A two-year investigation concluded that he had attempted to manipulate the closing price of the Swedish market and traded without proper authority.’
    • ‘The changes are based on the closing prices of companies on 10 December.’
    • ‘The table below lists the share prices of a group of popular biotechs at the start of this calendar year and their closing prices as of Friday.’
    • ‘The latest reshuffle of the index is based on tonight's closing prices, so we'll have to wait and see.’
    • ‘The trader is to sell the issue when the closing price exceeds the upper band and to buy the issue when the closing price falls outside the lower band.’
    • ‘This, in turn, was part of an offering of 55 million shares which were sold below the closing price at the time.’
    • ‘The problem is that the closing price from the previous day's trading is not a valid indicator as far as the markets are concerned.’
    • ‘His offer was more than a third higher than the closing price on 17 September.’
    • ‘Finally, stock prices that are published in the newspapers are the actual closing prices of the individual shares from the previous day.’
    • ‘Even allowing for yesterday's recovery, the share price was still 2c below the closing price last Thursday.’


closing price

/ˈklōZHiNG ˌprīs/ /ˈkloʊʒɪŋ ˌpraɪs/