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clothes horse

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  • 1A frame on which washed clothes are hung to air indoors.

    ‘When the neighbours moved out, suddenly the non-carpeted bits of the floor were cold, and stuff hung on the clothes horses took twice as long to dry.’
    • ‘Is she wishing she'd done her laundry earlier, cursing the weather that meant all her regular clothes are still damp and hanging on the clothes horse in her front porch?’
    • ‘Still the step ladder (which, rather embarrassingly, my husband was using as a clothes horse for suit jackets) was retrieved.’
    • ‘The items on the clothes horse became engulfed in flames and the little girl suffered fatal wounds,’ said a close family friend.’
    • ‘So imagine my surprise when this morning I go to feed the cats and I find that sometime between 11.30 pm and 8.00 am some one has come into my house, sorted out the washing and hung it on the clothes horse.’
    • ‘Only in Madrid could the player prove he is far more than a glorified clothes horse.’
    • ‘The ladder leads up to the sleeping area, and also doubles as a handy clothes horse.’
    • ‘He found a pink dressing gown hanging on the clothes horse.’
    • ‘Use a washing line or clothes horse - not a tumble drier.’
    • ‘I'm on the way to the loo in the middle of the night and stub my toe on the coffee table, trip over the cat, or walk into a dangerously parked clothes horse.’
    1. 1.1 informal, often derogatory A person who is excessively concerned with wearing fashionable clothes.
      • ‘Models began to be promoted as something more than mere clothes horses.’
      • ‘With that qualifier, I certainly don't think it is necessary or desirable to be as thin as many of these breastless, boyish looking women being clothes horses on the TV ‘fashion file ‘show.’’
      • ‘The man has become a fashion clothes horse, and the reference to Narcissus has been passed around among my friends.’
      • ‘And she later became a clothes horse for fashion designers and a glamorous symbol of the world of big money.’
      • ‘After being credited with turning him from an anorak wearing frump into a stylish clothes horse, she decided to give up her job in his constituency office and open a beauty salon.’
      • ‘He still talks to the camera ad nauseam, eyebrow arched, but he looks a mere fashion clothes horse.’
      • ‘For me the series is finally getting into its stride as we care and understand more about the characters now and they're not just skinny clothes horses living in enormous houses with nothing to do.’
      • ‘However, she is determined to prove she is more than a clothes horse on skis.’
      • ‘A few years ago, the sleek clothes horses were unknown outside of the world of haute couture.’
      • ‘He is, you see, a details man, a coltish clothes horse, and a dedicated Anglophile to boot.’
      fashion model, supermodel, mannequin


clothes horse

/ˈklō(T͟H)z ˌhôrs/ /ˈkloʊ(ð)z ˌhɔrs/