Definition of cloture in English:


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  • (in a legislative assembly) a procedure for ending a debate and taking a vote.

    ‘over 70 of the senators voted for cloture’
    • ‘a cloture motion’
    • ‘A cloture motion failed, and the nomination was withdrawn.’
    • ‘Four Democratic Senators have announced that they will vote in favor of a cloture motion, and at least one more is believed likely to do so.’
    • ‘He filed a cloture motion to end the debate and put the nomination to a vote.’
    • ‘On Tuesday, the cloture vote on the bill was 69 to 31.’
    • ‘Senate Republicans will press for a cloture vote tomorrow.’
    • ‘The fast track bill will be called in the Senate only when the White House knows it has the 60 votes necessary to invoke cloture.’



/ˈklōCHər/ /ˈkloʊtʃər/


Late 19th century from French clôture, from Old French closure (see closure).