Definition of cloud-based in English:


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  • (of digital data) stored, managed, and processed on a network of remote servers hosted on the internet, rather than on local servers or personal computers.

    ‘a commercial cloud-based platform’
    • ‘cloud-based services’
    • ‘HR platforms are increasingly cloud-based’
    • ‘Our goal is to modernize our existing products and deliver new cloud-based solutions to manufacturers and consumers.’
    • ‘There are integration tools that are available which allow businesses to transfer data seamlessly between cloud-based software solutions and on-premise software.’
    • ‘The app helps users to play, copy, and move files, take backups, and manage data between the internal storage and external cloud-based drives.’
    • ‘Today, businesses are able to operate out of multiple locations, trusting that their stable cloud-based platform can provide the necessary security.’
    • ‘Cloud-based management software typically offers access to the application via web-based browsers where the user can log in to the system simultaneously from any Internet-enabled device.’
    • ‘Having a cloud-based system allows all of our colleagues to work the hours they want and wherever they like.’
    • ‘Because the solution is cloud-based, approvers can receive and approve the invoice from any device, anywhere—whether they're in the office or out meeting with a new vendor.’
    • ‘Despite introducing a cloud-based online system, the university had to ask students to submit hard copies of forms and documents.’
    • ‘Media organizations report using a web application firewall—either cloud-based, on-premises, or a combination of the two—to defend against web application attacks.’
    • ‘The use of cloud-based technology enables us to collaborate with a business, giving it real-time access to its data and full visibility of the services we provide.’