Definition of cloud forest in English:

cloud forest


  • A moist tropical or subtropical forest that is characterized by persistent low-level cloud.

    ‘the lush cloud forests of the Andes’
    • ‘In fact, traditional coffee farms often support more species of birds than equivalent areas of cloud forest.’
    • ‘The total area of cloud forest is something like 400,000 square kilometres.’
    • ‘The problem is that the cloud forest appears to be drying out.’
    • ‘Eradication of evergreen cloud forest has resulted primarily from a rapidly increasing population that relies on subsistence swidden horticulture.’
    • ‘The landscape was still lofty and steep but had mellowed from bleak, high Andes to dense, lush cloud forest.’
    • ‘The Cloud Forest was nearly sacrificed by locals who try to scratch a living from its slopes.’
    • ‘That gave us time to get out of the heat and dust of Managua to visit cloud forests, volcanic lakes and pristine beaches.’
    • ‘The authors noted that evergreen cloud forest had largely been eradicated in the Central Highlands by 1970.’
    • ‘Views were not the most spectacular, because of low cloud base, but it was well worth the effort to walk amongst unspoiled cloud forest.’
    • ‘The river carves its lonely course through dense cloud forest and canyon gorges.’
    • ‘The hilly landscape is lush with dense cloud forest, interspersed with orange groves and coffee and banana plantations.’
    • ‘The acclaimed reserve is home to one of the world's largest cloud forests and is a major ecotourism site.’
    • ‘Many of the species that occur in cloud forests are unique, and not found anywhere else.’