Definition of cloud seeding in English:

cloud seeding


  • The dropping of crystals into clouds to cause rain.

    ‘the Bureau has been using cloud seeding to increase rainfall and snowpack’
    • ‘‘We all work on cloud seeding to make rain fall and increase the volume of raindrops,’ he says.’
    • ‘Some studies have suggested that cloud seeding actually reduces rainfall, or merely redistributes it.’
    • ‘He also said the international climatology community had yet to recommend cloud seeding or other weather modification methods to resolve the ongoing drought.’
    • ‘The aircraft had been under contract with the Desert Research Institute for cloud seeding experiments.’
    • ‘Upon learning of the hardships faced by residents and farmers due to the lack of water resources they set up a cloud seeding project.’


cloud seeding

/kloud sēdiNG/ /klaʊd sidɪŋ/