Definition of clouded leopard in English:

clouded leopard


  • A large spotted cat that hunts in trees at twilight and is found in forests in Southeast Asia.

    Neofelis nebulosa, family Felidae

    ‘From this common ancestor all the big cats emerged 6.4 million years ago - lions, jaguars, leopards, tigers, and snow and clouded leopards.’
    • ‘Looking far to the west, the primeval forest is said to be home for hundreds of animals such as black bears, clouded leopards and rhesus monkeys.’
    • ‘Tigers, clouded leopards, rare bird species, and countless other exotic species enjoyed a relatively unmolested existence.’
    • ‘He later went to Southeast Asia to study big cats and other endangered large mammals, including clouded leopards.’
    • ‘This animal is called a clouded leopard obviously because of the beautiful clouds on his coat there, the beautiful long tail.’


clouded leopard

/kloudəd ˈlepərd/ /klaʊdəd ˈlɛpərd/