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‘However, the cloudiness of the skies and light pollution from the sodium vapour and fluorescent lamps cut visibility.’
  • ‘Despite the cloudiness and the rain, the city's temperature will remain warm in the following week.’
  • ‘The warm ocean water alters the normal patterns of cloudiness and rainfall and can influence the movement of weather patterns, potentially affecting weather around the world.’
  • ‘The earliest symptoms are sweating, confusion, a loss of balance, cloudiness of vision and diplopia (double vision).’
  • ‘Turbidity is a measure of the cloudiness of the water caused by suspended particles.’
  • ‘The eyes of newborn babies are examined for any obvious physical defects, including cross-eyes, cloudiness (a sign of cataracts), and redness.’
  • ‘I shake the cloudiness from my mind, quite used to arriving at the war site by now.’



/ˈkloudēnis/ /ˈklaʊdinɪs/