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  • Clear and free of clouds.

    ‘we picnicked under a cloudless blue sky’
    • ‘a crisp and cloudless afternoon’
    • ‘To the west, the sky was a cloudless ultramarine blue.’
    • ‘The hall's stainless steel panels curve against the cloudless blue horizon.’
    • ‘Radiation frost occurs typically on still, dry, cloudless nights.’
    • ‘Ah, the smell of the ocean, on a cloudless July morning, walking hand in hand.’
    • ‘It goes lilting into cloudless heaven like someone who is chosen for gallantry.’
    • ‘It was a beautiful evening, cloudless and cool.’
    • ‘She gets fired, her husband resigns in solidarity, and the couple moves to the cloudless suburban affluence of Stepford, Connecticut.’
    • ‘The gene produces this pigmentation when the fall days are sunny bright, but not hot, and the nights are cloudless and cool.’
    • ‘He stood outside the brewery, with a beer raised to his lips, the downtown skyline poking the cloudless distance behind him.’
    • ‘Seated on her bench beneath the wide, cloudless bay, she would never admit that she longed for the messy logistics of a man.’



/ˈkloudləs/ /ˈklaʊdləs/