Definition of cloudscape in English:



  • A large cloud formation considered in terms of its visual effect.

    ‘He uses chiaroscuro to singular effect, notably in his haunted nightscapes and cloudscapes.’
    • ‘She makes images from a digitally sampled cloud which she layers and stretches and distorts into all sorts of weird fairy floss cloudscapes.’
    • ‘Raised up to a level where there were only cloudscapes and sunlight, pilots seemed elevated even above questions of right and wrong.’
    • ‘This London based artist exhibits his fascination for cloudscapes, and the natural world as viewed from thousands of feet up.’
    • ‘The storm cleared during the morning, leaving blue skies and grand cloudscapes behind it.’
    • ‘Looking out over to the west this evening I watched the cloudscape lighting up in the distance, reflecting an electrical storm too far away to see.’
    • ‘The huge, panoramic windows looked out onto a stormy cloudscape, rain battering at the glass and sending muted thunder rumbling constantly round the utilitarian bridge.’
    • ‘Outside, after dark, black-and-white cloudscapes were projected onto the gallery's townhouse facade in pretty juxtapositions reminiscent of Surrealist collage.’
    • ‘Reclining in leather-wrapped luxury, she stared out the oval window of the jet at the silvered cloudscape and the rising moon.’
    • ‘Deep sienna and browns, both reddish and nearly black, sweep over the canvas, the forms, if not the hues, like those of a cloudscape.’
    • ‘The background is a cloudscape that is toned slightly pinkish.’
    • ‘The ballet - set to a mix of composers including Schubert and placed in an ingeniously contrived cloudscape - makes its point concisely, coherently, and prettily.’



/ˈkloudskāp/ /ˈklaʊdskeɪp/


Mid 19th century from cloud, on the pattern of words such as landscape.