Definition of clownish in English:


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  • Characteristic of or resembling a clown, especially in being foolish, playful, or humorously exaggerated.

    ‘clownish antics’
    • ‘they only manage to look clumsy and clownish’
    • ‘The dance floor is crowded with performers who are preening either with feminine realness or clownish flamboyance.’
    • ‘They risked their lives to present these theater shows, disguising their political commentary behind clownish puppets.’
    • ‘A passionate leap across a sofa back to reach a beloved becomes a clownish somersault along the entire length of the couch.’
    • ‘Instead of oddly cheery or mildly clownish weathermen, they offered unapologetic scientists who explained the weather in glorious detail.’
    • ‘The way he sped up, as if no one would notice, was a beautifully stupid clownish moment.’
    • ‘Others are cast as caricatures representative of different sections of society: the reserved broker, the clownish sports fanatic, and the vicious racist.’
    • ‘The cover shows a man in a white suit with a ridiculous polka-dotted tie, even more absurd spotted socks, and clownish white and black shoes.’
    • ‘In the dream, you prefer this way of dressing, but perhaps it is time to lighten up a bit, put on a costume, and enjoy some clownish fun.’
    • ‘Some characters are portrayed as clownish or pathetic, yet its main characters are actually quite conventional in style and dress.’
    • ‘They try to get the public to dress up in the most clownish clothes possible while paying the fashion industry good money to look like a doofus.’



/ˈklouniSH/ /ˈklaʊnɪʃ/