Definition of club moss in English:

club moss

(also clubmoss)


  • A low-growing green plant that resembles a large moss, having branching stems with undivided leaves. Relatives of the club mosses were the first plants to colonize the land during the Silurian period.

    Class Lycopodiopsida, phylum Lycopodiophyta: one living family, Lycopodiaceae

    ‘Extant vascular plants range from clubmosses and ferns and their allies (such as whisk ferns and horsetails) to complex seed plants, comprising gymnosperms and angiosperms.’
    • ‘At left is a picture of the clubmoss Lycopodium obscurum showing the habit of the plant and position of the strobili, or cones.’
    • ‘On the other hand, the trait ‘megaphyll’ (as opposed to ‘microphyll’) unites the fern and the flowering plant into a group, excluding the clubmoss.’
    • ‘Of the 900 species of lycophytes (clubmosses) recognized, only four C-values are available.’
    • ‘Alternatively, in Cumbria we are looking for volunteers to help carry out a survey for two unusual rarities - marsh clubmoss and pillwort.’