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  • 1A building having a bar and other facilities for the members of a club.

    ‘One of the most spectacular of all his buildings has to be the Royal Irish Yacht Club's clubhouse, which was completed in 1850.’
    • ‘This Saturday heralds the long-awaited opening of the Alstonville Soccer Club clubhouse at Crawford Park.’
    • ‘The Executive Committee of the Pattaya Sports Club held their first meeting in the conference room of their new clubhouse.’
    • ‘The school will be based at the Newbridge Rugby Football Club clubhouse for the first couple of months.’
    • ‘Work on Parkside Sports and Community Club's new clubhouse will begin in May.’
    • ‘Residents have been complaining about anti-social behaviour at the recreation ground and the dilapidated state of the Rugby Club's clubhouse.’
    • ‘Clubs can rent clubhouses for meetings, or just pick a spot and meet.’
    • ‘The Bowls Club's new clubhouse looks set to open in time for the new season starting at the end of April.’
    • ‘Now, the Cloneen club are midway through the building of a fine new clubhouse and are certain that Tom's photograph will hold a place of honour for generations to come.’
    • ‘If their guy can't be president of the club, they'd rather tear down the whole clubhouse.’
    • ‘Defiant Castle Point Bowls Club is revamping its plans for a state-of-the-art new clubhouse after missing out on a national lottery grant.’
    • ‘Glentworth Veteran's Club could be moved to a brand new clubhouse 100 metres away as a solution to the dispute between the club and Dartford Council.’
    • ‘Railyard Football Club built a beautiful new clubhouse which has blended into the aesthetic and structural fabric of Moneenroe centre.’
    • ‘The clubhouse has also been refurbished to include new dressing rooms and will also provide for a board-room.’
    • ‘The main clubhouse features a gallery, which leads to an exercise room with a dramatic, 20-foot-high ceiling.’
    • ‘But the clubhouse was never built, the club continuing to rent.’
    • ‘When I was six, my dad build a clubhouse in the backyard and Allison and I started a club and refused to let Ricky join.’
    1. 1.1US A building or part of a building used by a sports team, especially a baseball team, as a locker room.
      ‘Other sports have locker rooms; baseball players have clubhouses, with all that the title connotes.’
      • ‘There's been a rule in baseball, that what you do in the clubhouse and ballpark stays there.’
      • ‘The paddock is the bowlers' private haven, much as the trainer's room is in a baseball clubhouse.’
      • ‘Yet, such fashions were now starting to make their way into major league clubhouses.’
      • ‘When he walks in the clubhouse, this is a better team.’
      • ‘It was close to one in the morning by the time the Carrington Beavers cleared the clubhouse, boarded the team bus, and headed home.’
      • ‘The discussion in the Braves clubhouse was about the team's best athlete.’
      • ‘An eight-game losing streak set off some mild grumbling in the team's clubhouse.’
      • ‘He was always talking, often at the top of his voice, on the team bus, in the clubhouse and on the field.’
      • ‘Somehow, we got into a room that must have been a clubhouse, and we saw baseball hats hanging on the top of the lockers.’
      • ‘Their lockers are near each other in the Astros clubhouse in Houston as well as on the road, where locker assignments typically follow a numerical sequence.’
      • ‘Sportswriters aren't allowed in clubhouses there.’
      • ‘There may be no manager in baseball that does more to exploit the individual idiosyncrasies of his players in order to motivate his team and build clubhouse chemistry.’
      • ‘Also in the pipeline is the upgrading of the clubhouse and the dressing rooms, improvement of the floodlighting and provision of a second playing pitch.’
      • ‘The new clubhouse and dressing rooms are nearing completion and plans are under way for the official opening of the facility later in the year.’
      • ‘There will be a meeting in the clubhouse dressing rooms on this Wednesday night at 9 o'clock.’
      • ‘The modern clubhouse will boast six changing rooms for players, two more for match officials and a dedicated changing area for players with disabilities.’
      • ‘The money will be used in the construction of a clubhouse extension to include dressing rooms, showers etc.’
      • ‘The clubhouse will include 18 changing rooms and the pitch will be given a state-of-the-art artificial grass surface.’
      • ‘Back in the clubhouse the rush was to get into the changing room and claim the one warm shower we remembered from last time; unfortunately it didn't work and so it was cold showers all around.’



/ˈkləbˌhous/ /ˈkləbˌhaʊs/