Definition of cludgie in English:


nounplural noun cludgies

informal Scottish
  • A toilet or bathroom.

    • ‘he took turns at cleaning the cludgie in the flat’
    • ‘The stairhead cludgie door was ajar, which it hadn't been when I'd left.’
    • ‘Descartes worked best in an oven, Luther in a cludgie - or so we are told.’
    • ‘Policemen are definitely younger, and manners have gone down the cludgie, right down.’
    • ‘If things were rough it would be a room-and-kitchen or maybe just a single-end wi' a landin' cludgie.’
    • ‘The Hispanic chap was cleaning the washrooms (cludgies to youse).’
    • ‘Hines would go in and tell the desk clerk himself just as soon as he felt capable of leaving the cludgie.’
    • ‘The crumbling cludgie, bathed in moonlight, lay even closer to the ground than it had in Effie's time.’
    • ‘But until his dying day he refused to refurbish the cludgie in any way, maintaining that that was the duty of our landlord.’
    • ‘A brick cludgie would come apart at the seams in his presence.’



/ˈkləjē/ /ˈklədʒi/


1960s origin uncertain.