Definition of clueful in English:



  • Well-informed; competently intelligent.

    • ‘clueful implementers are aware of the issues and are looking out for you’
    • ‘For such a clueful person, he has an interesting blind spot.’
    • ‘Something similar started to happen in the summer, when the company did an unusually clueful thing: they created unmoderated newsgroups for every one of their major products.’
    • ‘But acknowledging that he was speaking in front of a fairly clueful group of international press analysts, he concluded: ‘Yeah, you're right.’’
    • ‘He comes across as distinctly more clueful than his colleague, though that may be because he's a better debater.’
    • ‘Even clueful system integrators can't afford to do this because they're under constant competitive pressure to cut costs by using generic components.’
    • ‘In fact, clueful corporate entities can get together with free-range hackers to improve everybody's environment.’
    • ‘In the end, the weblog gives the candidate, his staff and all the people in the field a chance to conduct something like a clueful conversation.’
    • ‘When all that fails, the clueful turn to their search engines, looking for other lost souls with similar complaints.’
    • ‘The thing that made me feel lame was that I had been insufficiently clueful or sophisticated to catch on.’
    • ‘Not all networks seem so clueful, however, and are still touting warmed over content as the money spinner.’



/ˈklo͞of(ə)l/ /ˈkluf(ə)l/