Definition of clumpy in English:


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adjectiveadjective clumpier, adjective clumpiest

  • adjective clompier, adjective clompiest

    1British (of shoes or boots) heavy and inelegant.

    ‘opaque tights and clumpy shoes’
    • ‘The girls share an awkward, boxy physical presence, highlighted by their penchant for vintage clothes and clompy boots.’
    • ‘Even in the cabaret shows you will see the girls in huge clumpy shoes and boots.’
    • ‘She was a gauche tomboy from the projects, in clumpy boots and combats.’
    • ‘Residents with wooden floors should wear slippers inside, as the noise of high heels and clumpy shoes may annoy other residents’
    • ‘Her black skirt came only to her knee, and her big clumpy shoes kept slipping off her little feet.’
    • ‘And those clumpy high-heeled lace-up shoes that Jasmine used to wear.’
    • ‘A really comfy fit, these aren't as clumpy and stiff as a lot of skate shoes - enabling better movement on the board.’
    • ‘In his new book, under his signature, he draws me a shoe - a big, clumpy one.’
    • ‘Also, my dress is quite fitted and the tips of the shoes will poke out, so they can't be too clumpy.’
    • ‘He was wearing clumpy blue and black trainers.’
    • ‘The clumping was due to the fact that she was wearing her older brother's old boots, which fit her perfectly but were made for a man and were thus… clumpy.’
  • 2Forming or showing a tendency to form clumps.

    ‘ultraviolet radiation penetrates the clumpy clouds’
    • ‘Why, given its exceedingly smooth beginnings, is the universe so clumpy, on all scales from galaxies to galactic superclusters?’
    • ‘Sure enough, there was a huge shell of clumpy, hole-riddled gas that looked like a nearly dissipated planetary nebula.’
    • ‘The early Universe was smooth and homogenous, quite a contrast from the clumpy array of galaxies and clusters of galaxies observed today.’
    • ‘They examined the 10-centimetre trench it scooped out with one of its six wheels, measuring the composition of the clumpy soil and photographing it with a microscopic imager.’
    • ‘The legs also look particularly rigid, and the clumpy feet, lacking such details as claws, contact the ground bluntly.’
    • ‘The human brain is made up of molecules that are woven together in incredibly complex strands and ribbons of clumpy gray goo.’
    • ‘He had rotten teeth, clumpy, nasty hair, and scratchy long fingernails.’
    • ‘I could hear the footsteps getting closer and louder but I insisted to myself that my sloppy clumpy food was far more interesting.’
    • ‘All too often the fish, overly chewy, and the rice, needlessly clumpy, didn't deserve gentler treatment.’
    • ‘The rocky ground of the mountains faded quickly into clumpy dirt in which large, light green bushes and occasional trees grew.’
    • ‘For example, a thick, white, clumpy discharge and intense itchiness are typically the signs of a yeast infection.’
    • ‘He is silent, as sweat pores down his face, in white clumpy drops.’
    • ‘Her sky blue eyes were coated with heavy black liner, silver and grey eye shadow, and thick clumpy mascara.’
    • ‘Then run an eyelash brush through lashes to prevent clumpy mascara build-up.’
    • ‘Papers littered the top of his desk and spilled off the sides in large clumpy piles of documents.’
    • ‘Our large army moved with speed and grace behind our large clumpy tanks.’
    • ‘Whereas the space directly around his body was a toasty hovel of warmth, the rest of his clumpy bed wasn't.’
    • ‘My hair was wet and clumpy, but after I ran my hands over it a few times, it began to look a bit better.’
    • ‘Add the liquid mixture to the flour mixture along with the berries, mixing lightly with a fork until clumpy - don't overmix.’
    • ‘We had walked to the shore past sodden clumpy bog and a myriad of gurgling channels weeping silt into the clear water.’



/ˈkləmpē/ /ˈkləmpi/