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  • 1In an awkward and careless way.

    ‘he climbed clumsily over the rail’
    • ‘I reached over and fumbled clumsily until my finger found the button’
    • ‘The "I" is something of a black beetle, climbing around clumsily on the mud heap of my life.’
    • ‘He clumsily scraped the hook along the visor.’
    • ‘A hot air balloon suddenly descends, drifting clumsily to earth.’
    • ‘She is distinctly underwhelmed until he clumsily knocks the soup out of the window.’
    • ‘He grabs his coat, and as he's clumsily trying to put it on, the shoulder rips.’
    • ‘The knights are crammed into hot, heavy armor, and they charge at each other clumsily.’
    • ‘He walked clumsily with his bound arms, but quite steadily.’
    • ‘He clumsily rehearses ninja steps with swords in front of a video camera.’
    • ‘It's set against a harmonium-like drone and electronic clinking, the sound of mason jars waltzing clumsily in a janitor's closet.’
    • ‘The song quickly fades to black, thanks to a clumsily handled volume knob, before re-emerging with an expected jolt.’
    1. 1.1In a way that lacks skill or finesse.
      ‘poorly aimed, clumsily executed shots’
      • ‘the clumsily translated English copy’
      • ‘The script moves rather clumsily from point to point.’
      • ‘The twisting of the character's emotions, followed by his allegiance, is clumsily handled to the point of annoyance.’
      • ‘A subplot featuring a female FBI agent is clumsily grafted onto the main story.’
      • ‘In the lobby of the gallery, he was represented by four large oils clumsily portraying celebrity lairs.’
      • ‘This technique was employed by serial Westerns of old to keep viewers hooked, but the ruse was clumsily implemented.’
      • ‘This film is so clumsily edited that is completely unable to build up any comic steam.’
      • ‘Some of the dialogue is stiff and overstated, like something from a poorly written pulp, clumsily updated by a hack.’
      • ‘The book is clumsily written, and the translation does no favor to the author.’
      • ‘He does not fight them because he believes they are clumsily groping toward ideas that he agrees with: unity, tolerance, and equality.’
      • ‘How clumsily you deal cards!’
    2. 1.2In a tactless way that shows a lack of social skills.
      ‘they clumsily said the wrong thing’
      • ‘some of the issues are handled clumsily’
      • ‘I'm disgusted by what she's done, thinking of how clumsily she struggled and the mindless stupefaction of her gaze.’
      • ‘He spends his days clumsily barging into rooms where girls are changing, only to get the living daylights pounded out of him.’
      • ‘The flirtatious Emily spends a lot of time clumsily pursuing her crush.’
      • ‘One of the lead actors is always stumbling clumsily through situations, while the other achieves an absurd but beautiful grace.’
      • ‘We sense that he is not a casual victim of society but a child coming clumsily of age.’
      • ‘Her exchanges with Damien - as she clumsily attempts to win his heart - are a joy’
      • ‘Later the Puritans surrender to prurience and fornicate with anything in reach: one another, members of the audience, a lifesize doll that actually does come to life and tries clumsily, comically, to seduce a fellow in the front row.’
      • ‘I was clumsily saying that maybe it was too big for her.’
      • ‘He clumsily reciprocates her praise with the words, "You're a damn good woman painter."’
      • ‘Clumsily apologizing for an earlier insulting comment, he claimed the fault was with the writer who reported his remark.’



/ˈkləmzəlē/ /ˈkləmzəli/