Definition of cluster headache in English:

cluster headache


  • A type of severe headache that tends to recur over a period of several weeks and in which the pain is usually limited to one side of the head.

    ‘Because cluster headache is uncommon in primary care, it may go misdiagnosed for years.’
    • ‘Another patient who injected herself with sumatriptan subcutaneously for cluster headache had chest pain after the first and second injections (one day apart).’
    • ‘The majority of headaches are primary headache disorders, such as migraine, cluster headache, and tension-type headache.’
    • ‘A cluster headache is a rare type of headache that is more common in men.’
    • ‘If cluster headache is an autonomic disorder, biofeedback may be valuable.’
    • ‘Some drugs are used to treat a cluster headache after it has started, when standard painkillers are ineffective.’
    • ‘During a cluster headache, you may feel restless and nervous.’
    • ‘Clinical features and therapies for cluster headache have recently been reviewed.’
    • ‘Although cluster headache attacks are extremely painful, they're not life-threatening.’
    • ‘A constant pressure was building up inside his poor cranium, but it wasn't the massive attack of a cluster headache.’
    • ‘Migraine and cluster headaches also can awaken a person from sleep.’


cluster headache

/ˈkləstər ˈhedˌāk/ /ˈkləstər ˈhɛdˌeɪk/