Definition of Clydesdale in English:



  • 1A horse of a heavy, powerful breed, used for pulling heavy loads.

    ‘Waka, the Clydesdale horse pulls a wagon over a hundred years old, and the driver gives a commentary as you travel.’
    • ‘These heavier horses used were largely Clydesdales and Shires.’
    • ‘If you visit the livery stables you can choose between riding in a covered wagon pulled by two Clydesdales, Jock and Bess, or in a horse-drawn buggy.’
    • ‘There are also some nice stories, including one about Samson, a six-year-old Clydesdale horse.’
    • ‘After the cattle the next biggest display is the Clydesdale horses.’
    • ‘We can look to the awesome power of a Clydesdale horse which eats largely hay and oats.’
    • ‘A third animal, a Clydesdale horse named Emma, is badly injured after being hit by three bullets.’
    • ‘There were teams of Clydesdales, Shires and Percherons.’
    • ‘The Clydesdale breed originated in Scotland and were used in heavy draught and farm work in the same way as Shires.’
    • ‘The farm is as it was in the 1950s and it is possible to see Clydesdale horses being used to work the land.’
    • ‘She used to go and stay with him on his farm, where they still used big Clydesdale horses to drag the plough.’
  • 2A dog of a small breed of terrier.

    • ‘Both the Clydesdale and the Paisley terrier eventually became extinct, but not before they had contributed to the development of the Yorkie.’



/ˈklīdzˌdāl/ /ˈklaɪdzˌdeɪl/


From the name of the area around the Clyde River in Scotland, where they were originally bred.