Definition of clypeus in English:


nounplural noun clypei/ˈklipēˌī/ /-ēˌē/

  • A broad plate at the front of an insect's head.

    ‘Although the clypeus and labrum of Reboursia exhibit a sphaeromatoid shape, it has a broad separation between the antennular basal articles.’
    • ‘Their monophyly is undisputed, given the five elongate, stiff mouthpart elements forming a distinctive beak, and an enlarged clypeus.’
    • ‘Antennae are placed midway between clypeus midpoint and lateral margin of head, projecting laterally along anterior margin of head.’
    • ‘Reports that Achrysocharis species do not have a delimited clypeus are generally erroneous: the clypeus may or may not appear delimited based on the size and condition of the specimen.’
    • ‘The under-surfaces of the labrum and clypeus constitute the epipharynx.’



/ˈklipēəs/ /ˈklɪpiəs/


Mid 19th century from Latin, literally ‘round shield’.