Definition of CMS in English:



  • Content management system (a system designed to manage the content of a website or other electronic resource that is used collaboratively by a number of people)

    ‘the choice of the proper CMS can have a big impact on the success of a website’
    • ‘The CMS will have an impact on every staff member, even if they are not directly involved with content creation.’
    • ‘A CMS is critical to the success of almost every website and intranet, and yet many organisations are not familiar with this technology.’
    • ‘As generation of dynamic pages are easier for website development, CMS generally use dynamic pages.’
    • ‘Those not considering a CMS still manage to maintain their homegrown sites through other administrative means.’
    • ‘A CMS gives agency personnel the ability to easily add, edit, and move web pages as needed, without the support of an outside web developer.’