Definition of cnidarian in English:


Pronunciation /nīdˈerēən/ /naɪdˈɛriən/


  • An aquatic invertebrate animal of the phylum Cnidaria, which comprises the coelenterates.

    ‘There are three subgroups within the cnidarians that have medusae, cubozoans, hydrozoans, and scyphozoans.’
    • ‘It is therefore largely appreciated that the resemblance between ctenophores and cnidarians is superficial and does not reflect a particularly close evolutionary relationship.’
    • ‘Fossils of the Twitya Formation are generally presumed to be cnidarians, or at least metazoans of cnidarian grade.’
    • ‘A consensus is beginning to emerge regarding many key nodes in basal metazoan and cnidarian phylogeny, but many important questions remain.’
    • ‘The impression that Anthozoa is the basal cnidarian group may depend upon the taxa being discussed.’


  • Relating to or denoting cnidarians.

    ‘Hox genes have been isolated from a number of cnidarian species including hydra.’
    • ‘Our study of the new material does not support a cnidarian affinity.’
    • ‘A specific panel of seven target sequences was selected to test the binding patterns of cnidarian paired domains.’
    • ‘Mackie is quick to point out the under appreciation of, and in fact often misinformation concerning, the cnidarian nervous system.’
    • ‘These ideas are supported by other authors for a host of cnidarian groups.’