Main definitions of Co in English

: Co1CO2


(also Co.)

Pronunciation /kō/ /koʊ/

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  • 1Company.

    • ‘the Consett Iron Co’
  • 2County.

    • ‘Hudson Co’

  • The chemical element cobalt.


    and Co
    • 1Used as part of the titles of commercial businesses to designate the partner or partners not named.

      1. 1.1informal And the rest of them.
        • ‘I waited for Mark and Co to arrive’

Main definitions of CO in English

: Co1CO2


Pronunciation /ˌsēˈō/ /ˌsiˈoʊ/

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  • 1Colorado (in official postal use).

  • 2Commanding Officer.

    leader, head, headman, boss, chief, director, manager, overseer, controller, master
  • 3Conscientious objector.