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  • A cooperative society, business, or enterprise.

    • ‘At the edge of the village is an organic market where farmers from six co-ops sell their organic produce to the community.’
    • ‘The reform began as a way to enable large agricultural co-ops to raise funds to build facilities like grain silos.’
    • ‘Whether it's a conventional business, co-op or non-profit trust, you still need income to run it.’
    • ‘A supervisory board has begun the recovery of funds owed by the co-op, including rent.’
    • ‘There will be music and free food provided by local co-ops and bread shops.’
    • ‘We planned to operate our farm as a co-op so traditional fishermen would still have access.’
    • ‘The recession in the babysitting co-op was real, as real as a recession in any normal economy.’
    • ‘Dairy companies and co-ops have been urged to show their commitment to dairy farmers by putting an end to attempts to talk down the price of milk.’
    • ‘Farmers have taken a huge cut in income and co-ops must help them, he said.’
    • ‘In this special section, we profile a number of organic co-ops that are finding success in the marketplace.’
    • ‘No longer limited to co-ops and specialty stores, organic foods are now available in grocery stores.’
    • ‘If the public company had to abolish dividends, what would the co-op use to pay the interest on its loans?’
    • ‘Regional milk producer co-ops continue to saturate their marketplaces with these messages.’
    • ‘Good governance practices by co-ops will help avoid such scandals, he advised.’
    • ‘In addition, local factions have often treated the credit co-ops like their own personal coffers.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the first steps towards reshaping the rules governing the co-op are being taken.’
    • ‘It was one way of stressing the role of the co-op in the social as well as in the economic life of the people.’
    • ‘The trust had provided the co-op with extra office space and an overnight room.’
    • ‘The decision to focus on pizza crust production has proven to be a good choice for the co-op.’
    • ‘The need for a co-op has resulted from the need for better quality, better quantity food.’
    collective, cooperative, co-op, community, communal settlement, kibbutz, fellowship



/ˈkōˌäp/ /ˈkoʊˌɑp/


Mid 19th century abbreviation.