Definition of co-own in English:


Pronunciation /kōˈōn/ /koʊˈoʊn/

transitive verb

[with object]
  • Own (something) jointly.

    ‘the clubs co-own the ground’
    • ‘He is a well-dressed, impeccably coiffed, university-educated 27-year-old who co-owns a computer and video business in Iraq's capital.’
    • ‘She co-owns the record store (with her fiancée, the clerk), plays with local favorites Cloverhoney, books bands at the Main across the street and is now releasing her own solo album.’
    • ‘I don't know of anything like it,’ says Matt Jackson, who co-owns the Waterwitch with Phil Simpson.’
    • ‘His teacher, professional Sarah Wilson, 37, who co-owns the club, said the little boy had exceptional ability but was not the best youngster in his class.’
    • ‘Last night, one of the applicants, Nathan Lee, who co-owns the land, told the meeting the plan was not for a travellers' site as the application states but for a private site.’
    • ‘He also co-owns a chain of mortuaries, which kept him occupied in down years.’
    • ‘Indeed, I know a Scottish businessman who co-owns a horse that is running on the all-weather tracks this winter.’
    • ‘She also co-owns two flats in Southern district and an apartment in her name in San Francisco.’
    • ‘The puppy is co-owned by Patrick's father Jack.’
    • ‘The 26-year-old, who co-owned the car from which the deadly shots were fired, was seized in Flint, Michigan.’
    • ‘It was only after the governor's death that it was discovered the pair co-owned a paint factory in Holland.’
    • ‘The business was sold to them by founder Gavin Baldwin, who co-owned it with wife Marian.’
    • ‘Earlier on May 9, a spokesman for Honda, who co-own the team, said the manufacturer was confused and hurt by the punishment, which they said was ‘too severe’, and protested that the rules were ‘ambiguous’.’
    • ‘The two firms co-own a fleet of five trucks and share three employees who specialize in nutrition and purchase of feed ingredients.’
    • ‘It is primarily a financial decision, as they co-own a rambling property in Yorkshire and another in Italy.’
    • ‘Bandy, who co-owns an advertising agency and travels a lot for business, decided to take flying lessons after completing a 10-hour road trip a few years ago.’
    • ‘They have yet to decide when they will buy out the ownership stake of her brother, who co-owns the home with Mary as part of their inheritance from their father.’
    • ‘Jill co-owns a suburban beauty salon and is a woman with an obsession - namely the handsome doctor who lives in the house opposite with his wife, a wheelchair user.’
    • ‘She had a career as a successful book editor but now-on paper-she co-owns a profitable company with her husband.’
    • ‘He co-owns the course with his sons Tod, Mike and Grant, who is also the company's managing director.’