Definition of co-owner in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkōˈōnər/ /ˌkoʊˈoʊnər/

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  • A person who owns something jointly with another or others.

    ‘she is co-owner of her own clothing label’
    • ‘For a joint tenancy to exist, the interests of all the co-owners must be identical.’
    • ‘The co-owners must be equally entitled to the possession of the whole land.’
    • ‘The co-owners held the legal estate upon trust for sale for themselves as beneficiaries.’
    • ‘The equitable interests of the co-owners were interests in money and not in land, and this seemed particularly inappropriate in relation to a family home.’
    • ‘It isn't an Italian restaurant, but co-owner DeMarco knows his Italian cuisine.’
    • ‘Co-owner Alevras oversees the dining room while her husband cooks downstairs.’
    • ‘Seemingly starved fans of co-owner Batali are clamoring for a taste of his classic saltimbocca.’
    • ‘The co-owner of this rotisserie is a personification of congenial attentiveness.’
    • ‘An unexpected pleasure for me was a seminar on desserts with the co-owner and pastry chef at Tru in Chicago.’
    • ‘He is the breeder and co-owner of this multiple-winner racehorse.’