Definition of co-sign in English:


transitive verb

[with object]
  • 1mainly North American Sign (a loan or lease) jointly with another person in order to guarantee payment.

    ‘you may have to get someone to co-sign your loan if you do not have a previous credit history’
    • ‘see if your parents will co-sign for you’
    • ‘Of course, a couple of years after that they'll be all over me to co-sign loans for the cars that their parents won't let them buy, so it'll all work out OK in the end.’
    • ‘I may, however, invoice her for 10, 500 CDs the first time she asks me to co-sign a loan.’
    • ‘The loan agreement was co-signed by the Finance Minister.’
    • ‘In the end, their families helped out by co-signing a loan.’
    • ‘The document, co-signed by over 100 scholars, therapists, and others, announces 86 sweeping goals to ‘recreate a marriage culture’.’
    • ‘Each tenant must have a guarantor co-sign the lease to ensure payments are received in full on the first day of each month.’
    • ‘In addition to the first mortgage on the property, parents have co-signed a second.’
    • ‘Under current Revenue rules, parents who co-sign mortgage applications with their children could be liable for stamp duty on the new house.’
    • ‘Often their parents and sometimes their grandparents also lost everything because they had loaned their children or grandchildren money, co-signed notes and/or sold them property with existing debt.’
    • ‘I think that all of us, without exception, will co-sign.’
    • ‘North Vancouver City council will co-sign a letter with the North Vancouver school board that takes aim at the education funding formula.’
    • ‘He stands accused of receiving money for his campaign, co-signing for an apartment for an old political buddy down on his luck and trying to call off government regulators investigating an auto inspection plant in his district.’
    • ‘The president of the broadcasting chamber co-signed the decree dissolving the elected National Assembly.’
    • ‘I think that Bobby was the person who co-signed on her wanting to get out of the box of being the good girl.’
    • ‘Of course, in order to co-sign on this topic with me, you would have to agree - at least in principle - that there is, in fact, such a thing as good science fiction.’
    • ‘We will break into teams to meet with our senators and representatives to urge them to co-sign the Act and other pertinent legislation.’
    • ‘But I'll just posit a guess that the co-signing of this statement has more to do with the pressure it has experienced to demonstrate its bona fides than a genuine change of heart.’
    • ‘Last winter, a doctor was reprimanded and fined $10,000 for co-signing more than 9,000 prescriptions for two Internet pharmacies.’
    • ‘The declaration, named for the place in which it was drafted in 1994, and co-signed by several Caribbean countries, sets forth the principles for a free press.’
    • ‘Neither the doctor, nor his assistant who co-signed the letter, ever examined her.’
  • 2mainly North American Sign (a document) jointly with another or others.

    • ‘he is joined by a host of musical artists who co-signed an open letter to the US Congress’
    1. 2.1 informal Endorse or agree with.
      • ‘I co-sign all the advice on this thread’



/ˈkōsīn/ /ˈkoʊsaɪn/