Definition of co-sleeping in English:



  • The practice of parents and young children sleeping in the same bed.

    ‘co-sleeping often facilitates a good breastfeeding relationship’
    • ‘Particular dangers included co-sleeping with parents, maternal smoking and infants sleeping in the prone (lying face down) position.’
    • ‘No matter how one views this issue, co-sleeping is most likely under-reported by parents.’
    • ‘But, when we came around to the topic of co-sleeping, she lowered her voice and took a quick look around before admitting that sometimes she took her own child into bed with her.’
    • ‘The former guru recently said he was relaxing his hard-line rules against co-sleeping.’
    • ‘We did whatever we had to do to make life easier for the whole family, whether that was co-sleeping, 2 a.m. breastfeeding sessions, or just hiding in the shower as a baby break.’
    • ‘The clinical features were that the baby was 5 weeks of age, co-sleeping and non-prone.’
    • ‘I gather that co-sleeping is somewhat more accepted than when I was little.’
    • ‘Well, you know, according to a lot of studies that we looked at, bed sharing or co-sleeping is also an important thing and a very personal decision.’
    • ‘Well, I don't happen to be a proponent of that type of co-sleeping.’



/ˌkōˈslēpiNG/ /ˌkoʊˈslipɪŋ/