Definition of coachwhip in English:



(also coachwhip snake)
  • A harmless, fast-moving North American snake. The pattern of scales on its slender body is said to resemble a braided whip.

    Masticophis flagellum, family Colubridae

    ‘A highly irritated western coachwhip snake was coiled in the grass.’
    • ‘The habitat of the coachwhip includes deserts, grasslands, prairies, woodlands, and open areas.’
    • ‘Rattlesnakes eat mostly rodents, but coachwhip snakes will climb trees or cactus to eat eggs from bird nests.’
    • ‘The race of the coachwhip that occurs in Utah, the red racer, is limited to the southwestern corner of the state.’
    • ‘One spring day he was showing a group of school teachers through the wildlife reserve, when a seven-foot-long coachwhip snake came zipping across the path in front of the group.’
    • ‘I spent a year down in Collins back in the early 1990s and was terrorized by one of those giant coachwhip snakes.’
    • ‘It is called a ‘coachwhip’ because the large scales on its long, slowly tapering tail, give it the appearance of a braided bullwhip.’
    • ‘The coachwhip is a nervous snake and may retreat into rocks or rodent burrows when threatened, but it is just as likely to approach an intruder hissing, striking, and possibly shaking its tail; it will bite if handled.’



/ˈkōCH(h)wip/ /ˈkoʊtʃ(h)wɪp/