Definition of coadapted in English:



  • Mutually adapted; mutually accommodating.

    ‘Inbreeding may be beneficial if conditions favor the maintenance of locally adapted or intrinsically coadapted gene complexes.’
    • ‘In the case of coadapted cellular machinery as diverse as the transcriptosome, this parallel evolution may involve sequences with no other obvious connection.’
    • ‘For example, all of the maternal genes whose sequences have coadapted to each other might be expressed and the paternal copies silenced.’
    • ‘Elements within a given regulatory module are expected to be coadapted.’
    • ‘As such, they are commonly viewed as adaptive mechanisms that can capture and stabilize blocks of coadapted genes with strong phenotypic effect, hence allowing ecological expansion in marginal habitats.’



/ˌkōəˈdaptəd/ /ˌkoʊəˈdæptəd/