Definition of coagulable in English:


Pronunciation /-ləbəl/


See coagulate

‘John King, a 34-year-old sailor, represented the first of the remarkable series of patients compiled by Bright and was a ‘well-marked example of granulated condition of the kidneys connected with the secretion of coagulable urine.’’
  • ‘As his research in dropsy, coagulable urine, and diseased kidneys unfolded, Bright was struck by uremic manifestations, cardiac enlargement, a hard pulse (what would later be hypertension), and cerebral symptoms in his patients.’
  • ‘If the blood was still not coagulable, we administered a second dose of 20 ml of antivenom.’
  • ‘A solution of this type can contain 1.5-15%, preferably 5-11%, of coagulable plasma protein.’