Definition of coagulant in English:


Pronunciation /kōˈaɡyələnt/ /koʊˈæɡjələnt/

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  • A substance that causes blood or another liquid to coagulate.

    ‘an injection of blood coagulant’
    • ‘I'll give a sedative, then a coagulant’
    • ‘Virtually every major type of water treatment chemical is used by the pulp and paper industry; coagulants and corrosion inhibitors are the two leading product families.’
    • ‘To assist in removal of smaller suspended solids, chemical coagulants are added to the system to help clump these particles together so they can be captured by the filters.’
    • ‘Powdered seeds added to water act as a coagulant, binding to murk and bacteria, then sinking to the bottom.’
    • ‘The chemical/petroleum processing industry is a heavy user of water treatment chemicals, ranging from corrosion inhibitors to coagulants / flocculants.’
    • ‘Organic coagulants are favored over inorganic ones now.’
    • ‘For example, chemical coagulants are used in conjunction with physical filtration processes.’
    • ‘The doctor managed to stop the bleeding by using a coagulant, still unapproved by the American Food and Drug Administration, which he has since used to treat several other bomb-blast victims.’
    • ‘Biocides, coagulants, and corrosion inhibitors are the leading products used in the petroleum market.’
    • ‘The coagulant helps settle out all the heavy metals and other suspended solids.’
    • ‘Always have on hand one of the antiseptic coagulants which you can purchase through any pet supply manufacturer for your dog.’
    • ‘And then David also had a silent risk factor, an inherited blood coagulant disorder that was only discovered after the autopsy was performed.’
    • ‘The exception, rennet, is an animal based coagulant often used in cheese-making.’
    • ‘A little sour whey or other coagulant is added after the heating to help form the second lot of curd, which is then skimmed off.’
    • ‘It plans to place great emphasis on wound coagulant products and tumour control applications.’


Late 18th century from Latin coagulant- ‘curdling’, from the verb coagulare (see coagulate).