Definition of coagulative in English:



See coagulate

‘The somnoplasty procedure generates heat at approximately 85°C to create finely controlled coagulative lesions within the upper airway.’
  • ‘A hyperemic rim marks the boundary between the area of coagulative necrosis and intact liver.’
  • ‘Although no necrosis was present in the diagnostic lymph node, an adjacent lymph node showed total coagulative necrosis.’
  • ‘Skeinoid fibers and coagulative tumor necrosis were not seen.’
  • ‘The plasma then finds the nearest grounded tissue and produces coagulative necrosis.’
  • ‘These burns tend to be deep, as the corrosive agent continues to cause coagulative necrosis until completely removed.’



/kōˈaɡyəˌlādiv/ /koʊˈæɡjəˌleɪdɪv/