Definition of coagulator in English:



See coagulate

‘Howieson said his company was planning to give hospitals the thermal coagulator and he would make money by charging for each plasma ‘probe’, which can only be used for one operation.’
  • ‘Maurice Howieson, the inventor of the Helica thermal coagulator, thinks the most important thing doctors can do is to treat women early, reducing the risk of possible fertility problems.’
  • ‘Other equipment that produces heat includes, but may not be limited to, fiberoptic light cables and light source boxes; drills, saws, and burrs; hand-held electrocautery devices; argon beam coagulators; and defibrillators.’
  • ‘Endoscopic coagulation with heater probe, gold probe or argon plasma coagulator obliterates the vascular ectasias and reduces the degree of blood loss.’



/kōˈaɡyəˌlādər/ /koʊˈæɡjəˌleɪdər/