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‘Here, however, the coalitionists are waiting for an appropriate judgement by the Federal Constitutional Court.’
  • ‘The ensuing election in December gave the coalitionists an overwhelming victory.’
  • ‘During January and February 1784 the coalition's majority in the House of Commons shrank rapidly, and in the ensuing general election ninety-six coalitionists lost their seats.’
  • ‘A severe electoral struggle ensued, with the result that 45 liberals and 7 socialists were returned against 48 coalitionists.’
  • ‘No one can tell whether this tiny step towards coalition government will encourage the coalitionists in all parties at Westminster to press on towards a genuine coalition.’



/ˌkōəˈliSH(ə)nəst/ /ˌkoʊəˈlɪʃ(ə)nəst/