Definition of coat of mail in English:

coat of mail

Pronunciation /ˌkōt əv ˈmāl/ /ˌkoʊt əv ˈmeɪl/


  • A jacket covered with or composed of metal rings or plates, serving as armor.

    ‘In the first millennium ad the most widely owned, and commonly depicted, form of body armour was the coat of mail.’
    • ‘Every knight, for example, was to have a hauberk, helmet, shield, and lance, whilst lesser men with rent or chattels valued at 10 marks were to possess a short coat of mail, an iron headpiece, and a lance.’
    • ‘Beowulf is given a glorious gold banner, a helmet, a coat of mail, and an ancient sword.’
    • ‘Soldiers, dressed in dull gray helmets and coats of mail, wearing the dark blue tunics with the golden lion, the symbol of the Realm, were marching up the street from the pier.’
    • ‘They put on new coats of mail and choose the finest weapons.’
    protective covering, armour plate